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Diving and snorkelling trips to the Astrolabe Reef are conducted daily. Over 25 named sites offer enormous variety for divers of all levels within a 5 minute to half an hour boat ride away. Matava is in a privileged location within view of the Astrolabe Reef and with access to all 5 of its passages. We also have very easy access to Mantra Reef where the wonderful rays are seen on over 70% of dives all year round.

We are keen to protect and not to disturb our surrounding marine life and environment, so we will dive in small groups. We can certainly cater for larger groups of divers however we will split the teams between sites to have minimal impact on the beautiful habitat.

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Scuba Diving in Fiji

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Manta Ray
Naiqoro Passage:
Home to ‘Spot X’ and the ‘Japanese Gardens’. This passage offers one of the finest dives in Fiji, abounding in pelagic fish including schools of sharks, wrasse and barracuda, and coral gardens exploding with colour. The passage is a marine reserve.
Nacomoto Passage:
This passage includes ‘Eagle Rock’ and ‘Cabbage Patch’. Eagle Rock is named after a school of eagle rays, which fly around the mouth of this passage. The dive also typically hosts reef sharks, barracuda and turtles. Cabbage Patch is home to one of the biggest cabbage coral patches a diver is ever likely to see. Reef sharks, hump head wrasse and colourful schools of reef fish are commonly seen on this relaxing dive. The passage is a marine reserve.
Soso Passage:
Home to ‘Golden Chimney’ and ‘Coral Wonderland’. The Golden Chimney is a large coral structure completely covered in golden soft corals, which when blooming light up the entire area. Gorgonian fans, moray eels, reef sharks and garden eels are other highlights of this dive. Coral Wonderland combines the best of wall, drift and relaxed coral watching. The dive starts deep with some very large fan corals on the edge of a very deep drop off. At the end of the wall, large schools of barracuda often hang out along with a grey reef shark or two. The last part of the dive is spent in shallower coral gardens which go on and on with reef fish schooling in large numbers.
Manta Reef:
A very special dive and one of the few places in the world where manta rays can be seen regularly. You'll be taken by the size and graze of these beautiful creatures as they circle inquisitively. Though almost within touching distance all you'll do is stand back in awe. Even without these magnificent creatures, the reef itself is outstanding in its quality and diversity of fish life. This dive will rank amongst the best you will ever do.

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