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Nepal: Mirge Medical Centre

Nepal is a country that gives us so much – spectacular countryside, some of the best rivers in the world, the highest of mountains and of course beautiful welcoming people and friends. Yet some of the people in Nepal have very little. With trips running most of the year round, Nepal is certainly a country close to our heart and AdventureX wanted to give something back.
About 5 hours drive east from the town of Kathmandu and a 4 hour mountainous climb, lies the community of Mirge. Self sufficient in crops and animals, yet extremely ‘cash poor’ due to their remote location, the villages were suffering terrible poverty. And with no opportunity for medical support, women and children had been dying of minor illness and child birth while the men were away working the fields.
Over the years through sponsored events, donated equipment and fundraising, enough money has now been raised to build and finish a Medical Centre
Giving something back to the community - Nepalese Fundraising (as appeared in Canoe Focus, August 2007)

AdventureX are proud to have joined forces with Hertfordshire Kayak Club to raise over £1,000 for the Mirge Medical Centre - one of their deserving charities in Nepal.

Mirge sits high in the Dolakha district of Nepal, a 5 hour drive east from the nearest town of Kathmandu and a 4 hour steep mountainous climb. Self sufficient in crops and animals, yet extremely ‘cash poor’ due to their remote location, the villages have suffered terrible poverty. And with no medical support to provide aid, the ill and pregnant have been dying rather than make the demanding journey for help.

Over the years through sponsored events, enough money has been raised for building materials, tools and land to build a Medical Centre. However a last bit of fundraising was planned to finish the job and pay for medical supplies.

With a Kayak Trip organised to Nepal with AdventureX in October, Herts Kayak Club ‘dug deep’ and came to the rescue to join AdventureX. With a 110ft abseil and other contributions they managed to raise over £1,000 for the villagers, in addition to the shipment of some ‘posh new clothes’ in Ben and Jo’s kayaks! A brilliant result!
The money will not only pay for the completion of the Medical Centre and medical supplies for the next few years, but also invest in tools to make the villages more self-sustained. This will have a truly remarkable impact on the lives of the community in Mirge so well done and thank you to all those involved!

AdventureX continues to help charities in Nepal, to give something back to the wonderful people that provide them with such a fantastic kayaking location. If you would like more information on the charities please contact info@adventurex.co.uk

Many thanks to Hertfordshire Kayak Club and to Claire and John for their brilliant abseil!

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